Best Buy and Target Dropping CDs From Their Shelves This Year

Heads up gang, it looks like Best Buy is pulling CDs from its inventory shelves and its expected that Target stores will be following suit.

Best Buy is dropping CDs from their shelves because there has been what is called an overwhelming drop in sales. And rightfully so since the rest of the world is streaming their music or buying the digital versions.

Heck, I've got myself a few thousand songs on my PC.

Target is expected to follow suit because they're trying to protect themselves from sale losses by trying to get their music suppliers to sell them inventory on consignment, and the suppliers are expected to not take too well to that suggestion or hope.

Digital Music on Amazon (No, really!!!)

Another wacky aspect that is squashing CD sales is that vynil is making some kind of comeback!

How tricky are CD sales?  In 2001 over 800 million CDs were sold while last year only 89 million were sold.

What's wacky is that even though everyone is turning digital, Best Buy customers are having issues with this move that is expected to take place in July.

This reminds me of folks who love TV shows but don't tune in, so when the show gets cancelled due to poor ratings, everyone is shocked.

This takes me back to the premise that DVD/BD sales are also declining. But that's for another day. In the meantime, I'm guessing that even though you might not be able to get CDs at Best Buy after July, you will probably still be able get them from somewhere, right?


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