How To Check Who Likes Your Facebook Page

How To Check Who Likes Your Facebook Page

Have you ever been curious who actually likes your Facebook page? I mean granted, with all their filtering in place on Facebook, barely anyone who is part of the 'like' group will see your content, but still, if you're looking for a particular person, here's a quickie way to figure it out, since FB has not made this a very intuitive process at all -

As of Aug, 2018 -

- Go to your Page

- Go to Settings (Upper right corner, just under the blue bar [See circle in post image])

- On the left (General) column, about 8 rows down, click on 'People and Other Pages'

= There you go... a list of who likes your page, when they liked it, and what not. There's even a search window to help you figure out quickly, any specific people you might be looking for.

Above the list, besides People who like your page, you can also see

-- People who follow your page.
-- Banned People and Pages.

- - -

Remember, if you've liked some pages or have some friends and think you haven't seen any posts from them lately, go check them out. You might be surprised. I have been. One page, I was seeing posts every few days from them, but it turned out that FB was filtering their feed so I was only seeing one post every few posts.

Because FB is here to help! Right? I also put a date in this post, because way too often things get moved around and suddenly you're wondering what's up!?

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