My PET NINJA SHOP Experience - Confusing At Best

The other day I spotted something on the Pet Ninja website that I wanted to try out for my house, related to my dog. It looked like a good idea, so I went to their website to order it.

But I didn't get far because the ordering page was "down for maintenance," so I backed out of my order and went on my merry way, hoping to get come back to the site 'tomorrow.' But Pet Ninja did not have the same patience I did.

Though I had set up for an order but never followed through, they took my contact information and that night I started getting sales pitch email ads from the Pet Ninja Shop. That seemed dubious right off the bat, but hey, some folks have lower filters on when to start spamming site visitors than others.

I finally got around to ordering the item a day or so afterward while receiving spam ads every other day or so from them.

Then the wait game commenced.

I ordered on June 11th, then when no emails came in to my inbox, I sent an inquiry about my order.

They replied
We are more than happy to inform you that your order has been placed successfully and being processed now. We will provide you soon with your parcel's tracking number once your order has updated from our system. Please do give it a bit of patience to wait for its arrival.
This was June 15th, four days after I had ordered.

Then on the 23rd I sent another inquiry, asking if my order had been shipped yet... since I had not seen any other correspondence from them.

They replied
Upon checking here the order was already sent out but unfortunately, the tracking information is still unavailable at this moment. We will keep you posted once logistics department will notify us with your tracking details.
Just before July 4th, I was starting to get impatient but I had followed up on a shipping link they had provided and it showed that the package was sent out for delivery and on its way, from China.

I finally got my item on July 5th, almost one month after ordering.

At this point in time, I am now testing the product to see if it was a shoddy item to buy or if it's going to be as effective as I had hoped. We'll see, but for now, I'm very on the fence about Pet Ninja Shop.

Oh, BTW, when I unsubscribed from their ads, my confirmation said subscriber, Unsubscribe Successful.

Dream gadgets?

Any way... the item I had ordered has been an acceptable purchase. No complaints.

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