I Will Never Use SEARS Ever Again

My terrible consumer experience with Sears

These last few weeks that I have not had a clothes dryer and it has been an eye-opening experience as far as my personal interactions in dealing with Sears and it's services. And as far as I'm concerned, F you Sears, you've lost my consumer patronage, period.


Oh but where do I begin?

My dryer developed an issue so I contacted my Home Warranty company to ask for a service call. They gave me a name, that being Sears appliance repair service, (or whatever the hell they call themselves*), and they said that the insurance company has to make the appointment. Sears is the only company that seems to require this.

My home warranty company made note that Sears can be like that, and went ahead and took care of me. I then received an email verifying the appointment.

On the date in question when we were supposed to get our dryer serviced, about 15 after the hour of when Sears was to arrive, I received a voicemail from the service technician saying that no one was home and that he left a note on the door, then left his phone number for me to call if I had any questions.

So what went wrong with the Sears service visit?

1) My wife had changed up her entire schedule to be home that day and she was home all day long.

2) Sears screwed up the address so the technician went to the wrong address, thus the wrong house.

3) I called the technician back within 10 minutes of his voice mail, but I had to leave a message. He never answered his phone and never called back that day.

(By this time I was freaking out that maybe something had happened to my wife and she was lying there on the floor unable to get help, and this dickwad never called me back, making my concerns worse.)

4) I called the primary Sears number to figure things out, they said they would recall the technician to come back to our house. Six hours later, just a little after 5PM, I called Sears, asking where the technician was, and they replied that 'Oh, he was not returning to our house that day.'


5) Every time I called Sears, the connection sounded like a SKYPE call with a really bad internet connection. I mean, WTF, I have issues and I can only make out every other word or so of theirs? Peculiar or iffy, to say the least.

6) The next day I tried to make new arrangements with Sears, but rather than honor their screw up and come right back, they refused and set up an appointment for more than a week later.

Thanks Sears... you just lost a customer, for good.  And I have a long, long memory folks.

My most excellent home warranty company made another appointment, and at my direction, to avoid at all costs anything from Sears. I will never send another penny their way, if I can help it. The warranty company found another service provider and we are set.


F*! you Sears. Never again.

*(It's weird how sometimes, you can't make out anything they're saying on the phone... even in their recorded messages.)

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