There Is EVERY Reason To Change From Windows to Chrome!

Google Pixel Chromebook

A few years ago most Chromebooks were only good for accessing internet resources like email and a few utility websites. If you were a Google user, you had more options with Gmail and their set of office-like suite tools. But things have changed big time!

Any regular reader of Consumer Bits knows that I've been having some irksome issues with my Windows 10 Home Edition laptop. It's just over a year old, but I made the mistake of getting the Home OS instead of the Professional. My (continuing) angst experiences are annotated in the link in the previous sentence.

One day I threatened into the 'air' on Twitter to say f* it, I'm going to Google Chrome. Then I found myself in possession of a Google Pixel Chromebook and I have to say, since the last time I bought a lesser evolved Chromebook a few years back, Google has made huge, competitive strides in the laptop industry with their Chrome-based notebooks or Chromebooks.

Huge. To the point that now, you CAN install many various stand-alone apps as extensions and what not, something you could not do a few years ago. WOW!

-MS Office looks like it will run on newer and compatible Chromebooks.
-I installed GIMP on my Chromebook.  GIMP!
-I've got a wonderful image editor, Polarr, that's free and if you want the Pro version, is only $3 a month.
-Netflix now works on it (Previously my older Chrome-based laptop didn't.)
-Chrome comes with a few BASIC image editors already a part of the system.
-The app store has an abundant number of utilities that rival any windows machine.
-Linux (The terminal command!), and hence, Python! (I've read I can get Python on here.)

The list goes on.

-The other day, I plugged some earbuds into my MS laptop and it took about 10 minutes or a bit less to get them going. Driver installation and all that. On my Chromebook, the same earbuds took... oh, it was instantaneously.

-When Chrome updates itself, you may never even know it's working in the background. With my windows10 machine, not only do you know, it bogs down my computing experience pretty badly.

At this point, I was beholden to my MS-based laptop due to a few apps that could only reside on the MS platform. But if I can install or run things like Adobe Lightroom or a decent mimic like Polarr.  Now I can use Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos or most any function that I could only use on my MS PC, so I'm having less of a reason to keep it. I think I might have a Windows 10 Home laptop for sale. Oh wait... no, maybe not. I don't think I'd want to put anyone else through that environment. Friend or foe!

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