All School Buses Should Have Stop Sign Cameras

I came across a piece that made note that 54,000 citations were issued in Maryland for people blowing past school buses with their stop signs extended. I can't imagine how many people weren't ticketed!

This got me to thinking where we can train the public and help out the school systems.

In Northern CA, when you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, a camera snaps a pic of your license plate, then a week or so later, you get the toll bill for that event. It seems to be a pretty simple process that works. And you get the pic of your license plate along with the bill in the mail.

So I thought why not do this with all school buses.

Sure, the technology might be expensive to install for any beleaugering school district, but if school buses would be able to snap pics of stop sign offenders and issue tickets from those violations.

Imagine the boost to the school district bottom line! Imagine people getting smarter about how they drive around our children!

The accompanying source link has a somewhat disturbing video attached... citations issued maryland passing school buses

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