Your Updated SAMSUNG GALAXY S10E, Update 8

After putting it off for a few days, I finally let the 'Samsung Galaxy Update 8' happen, and here's what's new and got updated in our Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e phones:


AR Doodle - Now we can draw doodles in videos.  For some, I guess that's important!

The front camera now supports Night Mode when taking selfies.  Nah, I don't need to see myself in low light. Do I? (Don't answer that!)

Video recording now has "live focus" features. Which seems odd, you'd think it would have already had that.

Video stabilization has been added. NICE... then again, why didn't it come with out of the box?

There are new video editor features in the Gallery app.

There are now new options of categories in the Dynamic Lock Screen.  Nah, I like mine as it is, thank you!

You can now launch Samsung DeX on your PC or Mac. If you have that app. What is DeX? Nah, never mind, if I don't know about it, I don't need it.

Now, "Link to Windows" allows you to send and receive SMS, sync photos and view content on your Galaxy S10 by linking with your Windows computer. (Oh crap no... I'm divesting myself of my windows systems. Like heck if I'm going to let it infect my Android!)

"Game Booster" must have been updated or an added feature/app.  I don't use it, but if others do, they may appreciate it.


To be honest, these seem like mundane updates that aren't too bad. I have had word from an insider that there's an update coming that will be rewiring our interface as far as changing it up big time, kind of like how Microsoft took well established app structures and moved things around so you can become completely lost in Windows 10 and the latest office apps of theirs. But I don't know how much credence to give to my rumored source yet.

For now, it looks like I survived, but I have to say...

AHH... there we go, I started a game (yes, while I was typing) and GAME BOOSTER tried to intercept how I normally kick in my game. I just hit the back arrow and it got out of my way and so far, (several hours later), it has not tried to pop up again.

I can't wait to start my camera to see what pops up!

Also, a few of my icons changed a little. Otherwise, it seems to be a mundane kind of update. So far.


So I have one question... since we now "buy" our phones and completely own them while we pay them down, why don't we have the option to decline an update? Their our phones, not Samsung's. [Boy do I have a tale to tell about a Verizon Reseller I got my phones from. But that's for later.]



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