Securing Your CHROMEBOOK When You Flip It Open

Make Your CHROMEBOOK Ask For Password When You Flip It Open

One of the nice things about our Chromebook experience is that when you pick it up and flip it open, the default setting is that it's ready to go within seconds, no password required. And to be honest, that's nice to have.

But sometimes you find yourself in an environment where it might be best if your Chromebook did not divulge everything to whoever might happen to open it. With that in mind, I started digging around and doing an internet investigation on what I can do to secure my awesome Chromebook.

Here's How to Lock Your Chromebook and have it ask for a Password When you Open it:

Of course, you can skip setting this up and manually lock your Chromebook with the option in your status tray.

Just click in the tray in the lower right corner of the screen where your time is displayed, then click on the padlock icon.


Use the Chrome Keyboard Shortcut, CTRL/Shift/L OR Search L. (The search button is the one with a grey circle on it. On my keyboard, it's just above the left shift key,)


You could manually lock your Chromebook by holding the power button until your login screen pops up, thus locking the computer.


You can activate the feature so that you don't have to do anything, just close your laptop. Then when you open it again, it will prompt you for your password rather than just popping up right where you left off.

In your Chrome browser

-Click in the system tray in the lower right of your screen

-Click Settings (The gear wheel

-Click on People

-Click on Screen Lock (For me, it was right near the top)

You will be prompted for your password (To make sure it's you mucking with the security settings.)

-It's here that you can set/toggle the option,
‘Show lock screen when waking from sleep‘ to ‘on’

Aaand Boom. Now after you open the lid to your computer, it will prompt you for your pasword.

- - -

There is one other way you can secure your Google-based Chromebook.  You could find the option 'Smart Lock.' This feature will let you use your Android-based phone to unlock your computer.

Go to Settings;
Click on Connected Devices;
I already have my phone connected to my laptop, so just click there, under your phone,
Click on 'Smart Lock' and follow the setup steps.


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