FLICKR: "Pinning" Albums To The Top Of The Album List

FLICKR: "Pinning" Albums To The Top Of The Album List

It's always annoyed me that on Flickr my favorite albums continue to slide down the list of albums as I create new ones each day.

Despite this day and age, Flickr has it's short comings, and even their own tech or options has limitations, but as long as it's in existence, it's not a bad option for stashing images and making albums.

Though, I'm rethinking the Amazon Prime option for unlimited image storage, because between the two of these orgs, I think Amazon will last longer. But that's just me.

I just discovered how to "pin" an album to the top of my albums list.

The function, being Flickr, is a bit limited, but here's how I've moved some of my more favorite albums to the top of my list...

  • -Sign into Flickr (If you aren't already... just being thorough here!) THIS IS ON MY PC/LAPTOP, not phone. The phone is a different beast altogether at times too.
  • -On the top ribbon, click on 'You'
  • -Choose 'Organize' (It's the bottom option)
  • -Choose 'Albums & Collections' in the top set of options.

It's here that you can grab an album and drag it's location around to rearrange the album viewing order. 

--Just grab and drag.

The changes you make will be visible to you and visitors, even those not signed in to Flickr... so don't move that risky set of images album too far up! LOL.

BUT... there are limitations on how easy this function is to use.

First, any new album you create after this action, will not respect your album positioning, and will jockey to the front of the crowd of albums. (You'd think in this day and age... but then again, I say that more often than I'd like about Flickr)

Second, you can ONLY drag the album up to the top of a screen, so situate the album you want at the bottom of the screen and then drag it to the first visible top row.  The collection page does not automatically scroll down for you. So repeat this 'drag up the page' sequence... until happy.

My other problem, which is MY OWN issue, is that I run the browser add-on, 'NoScript,' which blocks various functions on websites, so I was only able to drag one album, once per sesion or at a time up the page, before needing to get out of the customization page and repeat. But once I sorted out which function I was blocking, I was able to move multiple albums.

But that's how you sort of pin an album to the top of albums in Flickr. (You'd think in this day and ...  never mind.)

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