Freaky Computer Avatars That Think

If you've ever been in Second Life and encountered an avatar named Edd who was terse in his responses and a little focused on his own goal, don't worry - you werent getting the cold shoulder. Heck, you weren't even dealing with a human.

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute put the AI together and set him loose in Second Life.

Don't worry, he's got limited ability to converse and reason, but sure enough, he's been put on the loose! Well, in a controlled sense.

Second Life is a great controllable environment where AI's can be tried out and an inexpensive methodology for testing.

I think it's a neat premise and hopefully it's not going to be called Sky-Net!!!! dOh!

Read the rest of this interesting concept at USA Today.
If that link is dead, this google search should find the info.