The Case of the Curious Permit For Gravity & Banning Plastic

Today I caught an article in my local newspaper indicating that the state of California is pushing cities to start to ban plastic bags.  (We also will get charged 10 cents a paper bag thereafter.)  It is what it is and so forth.

But as I perused the article, the piece goes on to indicate that maybe CA is strong-arming smaller cities to comply and enforce plastic bag bans.

I was wondering how they'd do that, but wow, I was a bit confused by this one:

One of the reasons for this plastic ban mandate is to reduce the amount of trash that accumulates in storm drains.  Meaning we have enough bad/lazy apples in our midst to create such a beast.  (Hence, the giant pile of plastic trash in the ocean.)

But what caught my eye was how CA was "urging" cities like Los Altos, to comply.

If a plastic bag ban is not adopted, Los Altos could face losing their permit that allows storm drain water to flow into the Bay.

Yes folks, first look at that makes me think that the state charges for permits to let water use gravity to flow downhill into the Bay.  Eh?  And if a city did not comply, and they lose their water-flow permit, what would happen?  Would the city flood?  Or would the rain waters start flowing uphill?  Which takes me back to how we get charged to go hike in nature with wilderness passes we have to pay for so we can hang out in nature.

As it is, it's not a bad thing to do because people litter.  But then what gets my goat is how they take away one option, then charge you 10 cents for the other viable option. 

Is it me, or is this planet just getting smaller and smaller every day!?  We need to take care of mother earth folks!

[Daily Post, Jan 9, 2013 edition, Pg 1]