Kindle Reader App V Still Sucks For Me (UPDATED)

Kindle Reader App V Still Sucks

Originally posted 1-16-14: A few weeks back I passed on my experience of trying to update my Kindle app on my smart phone.  It was version 4.3.0 and to be blunt, the experience sucked.  For me.

I updated the Kindle reading app and then all my books, except for my beta reader versions that were on my device, were gone.  Add to that the fact that there was no option for connecting to Amazon, to get my collection... well, buggers.

Hence, I had to uninstall the update.

And I waited.  Patiently.  Because I knew, judging from the slew of complaints on the Google "Play Store" about that very condition, that they would have to fix it sooner or later.

Then I saw that there was a new version number associated with the update.  Woo hoo!!!  A fix!

Or not.

I installed this latest update.  But things are not all roses with this new app... still.  It told me that my phone does not have a connection and could not sync up on Amazon.  (All the while I'm on my phone checking my email, liking things on Facebook, etc., etc.)

So amazingly, Amazon is still dropping the ball with this reader app update. It's pretty disappointing, because I was pretty excited about a smart phone update that I actually want to apply!


I have to wonder what is truly up with the new Kindle reading app from Amazon?  Up until 4.3.0**** updates were minimal and flawless.  That flawless including not having to log back in to my book collection to use the app.

But now the updates are coming with pre-warnings about needing to log back in and that if you have any issues, please contact support.  As if they new this update, with all its new features, would be causing problems.

I have to wonder if they're jumping on the software bandwagon that is seeing big changes in how the app tracks their customer base.

Facebook wants to read your text messages now.  Other apps have really stupid crazy permissions they need that seem to have nothing to do with how the smart phone app works.

So what is it that has caused such a technical challenge in my Kindle app that is making this such a hard update for them?  Eh, who knows.  But looking at the latest reviews on the 'store' shows that many many people are having the same issues.  (In fact, looking through the Amazon support page, I see that they think I have SIX DEVICES because of these ***** updates that have unregistered my device.  Wow.

I've been a stalwart supporter of Amazon and their products.  Especially the reader app.  So I'm not sure just what's up.  But if the thing is going to be broken, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

1-19-14 UPDATE:

So I tried another update.  I had the same result where the app could not sync up.  But then I went to my DROID 'Settings,' 'Apps' section and cleared ALL DATA from the app.

And that little stunt did the trick for me and I now have a working Kindle reader app.

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