Want To See What You're Missing on Facebook?

In the past I've chatted about how when Facebook makes changes, your feed sorting goes out the window, in favor of what they want you to see.  They've recently made a change (Tu, 2-4-14) and sure enough, my feed is back to "Top Stories" instead of "Most Recent."  I wish they'd take the hint and keep my preferences as is, rather than force me into their advertising model.

But we've also learned about what is called Facebook's Edgerank algorithm.  Edgerank, for Facebook, determines who and what you interact with and starts to drop updates from your feed, based on how little you interact with pages AND FRIENDS.

Yep, even your friends.

That means if you like A, B and C, and are friends with D, E and F, and you tend to comment on A posts and D's updates, over time Facebook wills start trimming B, C, E and F's updates from your feed.

Then, altogether, you'll stop seeing them on Facebook.

So the other day I did something interesting.

I went into my own profile and started looking through my "likes" on Facebook.

Sure, first I had to slide past their f*ing suggested likes.  But then I saw stuff I've liked and haven't seen in forever!!!  It seems like they're sorted by the latest likes on top, and your oldest likes on the bottom.

You should go check it out.  Sure enough, there are some pages I forgot existed!  And there were some pages that had not posted in over several months, so this turned into a great culling experience too!

And then, do likewise for your friends!  Take a gander at your friends and notice how few appear to update their feeds.  Maybe you should go visit their feed and see if they've been truly quiet or you've been filtered.

Of course, don't forget that some of your friends, you may have actively filtered out too, so take that into account before getting too crazy.
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