Samsung's Phone Charger Starts To Curiously Work Better

I don't know about you, but up until Samsung's latest phone update (for me S6), just about every charger on the planet worked better than the stock charger that came with the phone. It got to the point that my Beats charger was the best charger, a third-party 'smart charger' was right behind that, and my stock charger would take way too long to charge my phone.

I was getting ready to write up my grumpy observations when suddenly something happened in the phone market and...  well, I may be reading too much into it, but...

So a few months back Apple got zinged for retarding older phone performance. Some would call it 'planned obsolescence.' Apple called it saving battery life.  But for me, it reminded me of the days when my old Motorola phone performance started to drastically degrade. It became so bad that the camera function on the phone took upwards to 15 seconds sometimes to respond to pressing the shutter button. Most of the time is a "quick" 7-second delay. And there were other issues. So I dumped the phone and brand for other horizons, with no plans to go back.

But any way,

So Apple gets caught, my phone is slow to charge, and then when Apple supplies a fix to the industry to keep resolve their issue, within a few weeks my Samsung phone received an update.

And would you not know it, but now the stock charger that came with the phone works flawlessly once again. No more messages saying I should use the stock charger, no more waiting an hour for something that should take 10 to 15 minutes. Just BAM! My phone is now charged.

Maybe my suspicious consumer mind is overworking here, but the perceive issue, the perceived fix and the timing is hard to ignore. Plus, I'm expecting that within the next update or two, the same issue will show up again.

I say that because this latest catch Apple found themselves in for degrading phone performance is not the first time they've been called out. And it probably won't be the last time either. The public forgets and moves on. That's something that manufacturers love to see.

Just saying.


Planned obsolescence,
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