LYFT And Their Shameless Caltrain Marketing

So maybe you've heard or not, but the heated competition between Uber and Lyft sounds pretty crazy. But from what I can tell, Uber has this fight, hands down.

But historically speaking, Uber apparently or allegedly got down and dirty at times when competing with Lyft in the early days. Now I don't know about what went down during those earlier times, but I can tell you this:

As a rider of Caltrain in the Bay Area, some of my Twitter feeds are getting pummeled by Lyft. In a shameless fashion.

One morning I did a search on Twitter for Caltrain tweets and more than half my feed was full of Lyft ads referencing Caltrain. After I had a conversation with the official Caltrain feed, the Caltrainer announced that the various posts from Lyft were spam bots.

So a blocking I will go!

On that day, I blocked two different Lyft Twitter accounts.

Maybe a week later I started getting more Lyft spam in my Twitter feed and saw that they started a few more new spam bot Twitter feeds.

Today, I found my feed besieged by a few more Lyft spam Twitter accounts.

On Twitter, I've marked as spam and blocked the following accounts, so far:

Lyft Dashboard - @LyftDash
Steve ‏- @cheapo7
Free Lyft Rides - @10FreeLyftRides
Lyft ‏- @lyftoffer
the dealzer - @thedealzer
test pageSocial - @testpagesocial1

Then there's what happened today.

We had a suicide take place on the tracks... and within the hour Lyft was spotted at the closest Caltrain station handing out flyers to "Lyft to work and save time," in what seemed to be a shameless moment to take advantage of the obviously sad situation.

If anything, Lyft has convinced me exactly who to not ever use for my ride-sharing needs. Period.

I don't support ghoulish, creepy or spam-riddled marketing ploys.

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