Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Your Head: Wear A Helmet

by Bruce Simmons

First I have to say that I rant because I care. I want to see people getting the best opportunities afforded to them whether it be with consumer knowledge to save money, save time, save being ripped off. At other times, I just want to vent so I can get someone thinking and maybe, just maybe, I help one person with my work. My ranting, if you will.

See the entire post over on my new publication site, Bicycle Helmet Safety at Bruce's Place of Thoughts.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is Piracy No Longer Piracy, Or Just An Excuse?

Articles around the web have been published talking about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie leak where an uncut rough draft of the movie made its way onto the internet.

The articles question the premise of piracy and that despite the social issues, the bottom line is that it is illegal to make available, download and view copyrighted content without paying for it.

Despite the letter of the law, there's an amazing perceived gray area to the issue.

For me, the bottom line is that if the system charges money for a consumer to own the product, then if you obtain it any other way, that, is stealing.

It doesn't matter if one thinks that Hollywood already makes too much money.  That's a bullshit excuse.  You might as well start blathering on about how the car industry, the milk industry and all other industries make too much money.

Thieves...  that's all it boils down to, and these thieves will screw up everyone else's access to the internet because of their knee-jerk behavior.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Capsule - Headlines from 6 Months Ago (Oct 08)

These are headlines from early October of 2008
  • Market Confidence Plunges
  • Bailout Package Sparks a Worldwide sell-off
  • Bank of America Reports 68% Profit Drop
  • EBay To Trim 1,600 Jobs
  • Dow Dips Below 10,000
  • Rescue Plan Woes Contribute to Sell-Off
  • European Governments Go Their Own Way on Crisis
  • Fed to Provide As Much As $900 Billion In Loans to Banks
  • Oil Prices Fall as Financial Turmoil Heats up Worldwide
  • Iceland Going Broke?
  • All 5 Stock Market Measures drop
A chilling Headline from that week:
  • N. Korea to Restart (Nuclear) Facility.
I have to wonder as I put this together in October, what things will be like when this post goes to print from it's timed posting.

The day before I wrote this, I was in the dentist office getting a tooth filling and I watched the DOW drop 200 points while I was in the Dentist chair. (He's got TV's hanging over the chairs.) My filling represents a 200 point drop in the stock market.