Bruce's January 2008 Newsletter

A Cool Adjustable Mini Tri-Pod

Wanna Be a Ghost Hunter?

You, Driving and The Road

Happy Holidays

Bubble Gum in Hair -

Curious Tidbit on Koi

Shawshank Redemption - The Real Thing!

Sniffle Busting Personality

Identity Theft and You

Vegetarian Recipe Websites

FOOD Warnings for Your Dog

Aye Matey, Raise the Sails!!

Calling God as a Witness, Hello, God?

Celebrity Puppy Mills in Bel Air

Restrictive Use for Foothills Park in Palo Alto, CA

Gerald Ford - A Quote for 121007

Best Meteor Shower of the Year Coming UP

Women Drivers are Safer Drivers?

A Quote for a Thursday - 120607

A Comment on Teen Birth Rate Increases

Here we go with the How Fast Is Santa Thing

Interesting Link to Ponder

Technorati Website