Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MySearchDial Is An Insidious App And How To Remove It

Removing MySearchDial
When all is said and done, well, you need to be pretty careful when you install free software these days.  When you install something, I've noticed a trend that the very first approval screens have nothing to do with the app you want to install, but rather, with add-ons packaged with the download.

Companies have to make their money somehow, and offering up partnerships to shady software is one of them.  I just caught this from Mozilla's FilZilla and in the past, have noted it when downloading Abobe (of all companies) software.


The other day I downloaded FileZilla and installed it.  In the process of installation, I was caught off guard when I said yes to something that I was under the belief was something FileZilla related, but was in fact, saying yes to installing this piece of shit add-on, MySearchDial.

Make no mistake, I am calling MySearchDial an insidious piece of shit application that has installed itself into EVERY SINGLE web browswer in my system.

Unlike legitimate software, where once you uninstall it, it goes away, MySearchDial left as much of itself behind everywhere as it could.

It's called MALWARE by many sites and now I see why.  When it first showed up, I thought I had uninstalled it.  But apparently not.

The first thing it did was change ALL of my web browsers homepagesto itself. It then changed ALL my default search providers in my browsers to itself and inserted itself as an add-on to my web browsers.

It initially was an easy enough fix, but when I uninstalled it from my system, that DID NOT return my web browswers to their state prior to this PoS add-on.

Adobe Offers McAfee for some unknown reason

As noted under Malwaretips.com, always opt for custom installation and deselect things you do not need.  Now I know.  (It's like when you install Adobe products and you're offered to install a McAfee product.  Which by the way, does do scans, but then tells you it's found something and you have to buy it to fix it.  Bzzzz.  Fail.  I'm not sure why Adobe associates itself with them still.)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Have You CHANGED YOUR Email PASSWORDS Yet? (Heartbleed Web Threat)

Your Online Security

Do you use Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo?  Tumblr, Pinterest, Netflix?  You might want to read this.


A while back I had tossed out a few notes about this internet issue, "A critical OpenSSL vulnerability" referred to as Heartbleed.

Judging from the reaction, or lack thereof, I don't think many folk thought this was a big deal.  But the HEARTBLEED BUG HAS BEEN THE LARGEST SECURITY THREAT to the internet, ever.  (To date.  Because who knows what bonehead will find something new and more hazardous next week, then announce it to the entire world.)

The issue with Heartbleed Bug was that a vulnerability was discovered in a common, everyday used function of the internet that many (defined as MANY) different websites were using to secure YOUR PASSWORDS.

Technically, the information could be siphoned off in packets, and put together later, giving the ill-minded criminal ilk easy access to what ever of yours they want. IF HACKERS had noticed and taken advantage of the situation.

Amazon Prime Caution On "Free" Shipping

The other day I saw a piece about a lawsuit with Amazon about their Prime accounts, taking note that some sellers under the Prime label jack up their prices to absorb shipping costs and thus, technically, you are paying for shipping. And that as it gets uglier, that Amazon give preference to their prime sellers.

I didn't think much of it, but sure enough, I actually found someone doing just that.

Check out this product comparison from FOTODIOX on Amazon. In one pic/snapshot you'll see where the non-prime item has a shipping cost of ~ $4.  The prime item offered, well, I think the price difference speaks volumes.  (And yes, I dropped their product from my shopping cart.

Amazon non-prime priced item
Amazon Prime priced item, with "no shipping"



Much of the time my products are large enough that I'm not sure I care, as long as the price I get is better than other competitors.  But this definitely brings to bear a fascinating aspect about NOT TRUSTING the process and verifying what it is you think you're getting.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OBERTO Makes The Best Packaged Bacon Jerky - Ever

Oberto Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky is the best bacon product ever

The other day I was in the grocery store picking up supplies for my office... the usual lunch stuff like soups and decent yet boring options.  And usually I make an attempt at a collection of healthy snacks if I can muster that.  It's my goal to keep me away from the vending machines here that have one nice low price for everything inside them.  And it works about 99% of the time.

On occasion, I snap up a package of jerky.  It's a fair protein source, though, with the amount of sodium contained in the product, well, it's a borderline healthier choice than chips, donuts and other crap.

But today something caught my eye that I instantly knew I had to try.

OBERTO "All Natural Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky."

Now as you or I both know, most of the time when someone tries to make something like something else, they tend to fail miserably.  Hence, when I buy something that's "like cotton candy," I hold my breath so I'm not extremely disappointed by their bullshit marketing.

"Made with 100% real bacon."

And with this product, the catch-phrase that I've been seeing a lot of these days, Applewood Smoked, was in the title.  And I'm thinking, sure, if you say so.  Maybe it was your starting point, but what did you do to it Oberto?

"High in Protein."

Over the years I've tried various packaged bacon that wasn't actually like the bacon we buy in the store.  I've tried frozen bacon (Meh!), pre-cooked bacon (Meh!) and even vegetarian attempts at soy-based bacon. (Especially meh!)  And even restaurants like Anne's in Menlo Park here sort of gets it right.  Many eateries never quite hit the mark for me, so it's not that I'm singling out Anne's, it's just my latest habit.