Friday, May 30, 2014

Crazy Facebook Profits and User Numbers Ensures No Change For Users

FACEBOOK profits and User Count

As time progresses, users of Facebook seem to continue to be disgruntled at how they feel treated by the Menlo Park based company, as FB makes change after change to their platform with nary a word to the irrelevant commodity, the users.

It is as if they know that no matter what they do with the platform, users will continue to use FB, because the social platform is deeply entrenched in the day-to-day lives of their user base.

Think about it.  Sure, they change up how site admins interact with pages or that settings in your personal accounts can change day in and day out (it feels).  But most will never leave.  Our online lives have become somewhat dependent on the site. We all have our photos and connections (that FB allows) with friends and family, most will never leave.

And why won't Facebook change because of your complaining membership status?

Because according the numbers from the end of 2013, Facebook has 1.23 billion active users, measured on a monthly basis. This number is up 16% from the year before.

Another reason they will never change their ways is that...

- Revenue was $2.50 billion, up 72% vs Q1 2013

- Revenue from advertising was $2.27 billion, up 82% vs Q1 2013

What does this mean?  It means that no matter what you feel, there are very many users who use the platform blindly, clicking on advertising links, making things worth while for everyone on the other end of the blue bannered FB interface.

So while you may not like how they treat you, the bottom line is that it doesn't matter. FB is making more money than ever before, proving that what they're doing works... for them, and from a business sense of things, there is no reason to change their practices.

This also means users just have to man up and deal.  Regardless.

{Facebook Investor Reports; TheNextWeb Report on User Numbers }
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My Droid RAZR Update Experience (Kit Kat)

Droid RAZR Update to Kit Kat Experience and Observations of what's changed for me.

Published 5-30-14, Updated 6/2, 7/22::

A few days ago my Motorola Droid RAZR alerted me that I had an update to install. I somewhat welcomed it since I have been having odd, system slowness issues with the phone.  (I call a camera that takes 3 to 10 seconds to snap a pic, odd. Plus my other apps were acting up with a similar sluggishness. And I'm not alone in this category of frustration either, according to a few others I've spoken with.)

So yes, I welcomed an update for once. I mean, how much worse could my Motorola DROID RAZR experience become?

So after a few days of using the phone post update, here are my observations of what I've experienced now that I am on the other side of the update.

The update took about twenty minutes.  And there was one message about (paraphrasing) wiping my base partition (or something like that) and it asked me of I "Feel lucky" in performing maintenance on it.  Sure!

The DROID RAZR updated itself to v182.46.10.en.US. Wow, that's a lot of updates! And it has the "cute" name of KitKat Android 4.4.2.


-The first thing I noticed was that my ringtone was a tiny chirp instead of the tone I had chosen for the last few years. The tone was there. My phone just lost the setting until I had reselected it. 

With all the sounds out there in the world, why so few are offered?  And where's that classic phone ringer sound? Come on guys.

-Second thing I noticed was that all blue font content is now white. This includes my signal indicators.

-Third was that I have a new control panel options up where my alerts and messages usually show up. That and instead of an X to dismiss messages, I now have this 3-bar symbol to touch to dismiss alerts and messages.

-Number four was that I had a bunch of new apps that started updating themselves. I took notice because I deactivate the "auto update" function* of all my apps and I suddenly had apps I've never seen before updating themselves.

I now have these new or additional apps:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pit Bull Needs Foster Parent Because of Crap Girlfriend

So there you are, being deployed to a military assignment and you trust your girlfriend with the care of your treasured pup, to keep him safe and happy while you're gone, serving your country.

But now that dog, a pit bull mix, finds himself on death row because the girlfriend turned him in because she did not have the time for Banks.

She violates the boyfriend's trust.

She puts a dog on death row.

Because the lazy b* can't take a moment to arrange a loving and caring foster situation for Banks.  What a raging b*!

Dude, when you get back home, dump the woman like a hot, contagious, slimy rock. You obviously can't trust her.

But for now, if anyone can help this pup, take a gander and see if you can do anything about it.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Latest Email Spam Humor

SPAM and other bulls****

I'm looking at one of my spam folders and it's pretty funny.

This chick, "Adriana," stopped trying to get me to visit her website because we used to be... you know...  be "friends."  Now she wants me to mysteriously like her Facebook page.

(CB Tip: You do know that spammers can rig up fake websites to look like other sites, and while your browser is resolving the command codes for colors, animation, links, etc., well, other kinds of commands are running too.)

Oh... wait, she also now wants me to add her no Twitter.


Burger King wants me to take a survey and get a $25 gift card.  Yea, $25 of heart stopping goodies.  Maybe I'll pass.  Why would they pick me out and send me an offer like this?


Some oddball, noname org is wanting to hire me for $89k a year.  No, not $90k or $85K... but $89k a year.


Friday, May 9, 2014

FACEBOOK Changes How You Post To Pages

Facebook Makes Changes To Page Management - May 2014

The other day I was posting some images from a Facebook Page to one of my own pages.  There were a few, so they were rapid fire postings.

Normally, I can be on a page, and when I "share" a post, I use the provided pull-down menu and select the page I want to share the item on.

Everything seemed fine, but then I noticed that even though I chose my page to post to, FB had my shared items be posted as myself, from my personal account.  And as anyone who knows this, personal posts to pages end up in the miniscule sidebar, where their posts go barely noticed.

It used to be (for me, as of 5-8-14) that if you went to your PAGE, you automatically assumed the identity of that page and could act as that page unless you chose otherwise in an option in the blue control bar.  IE:  Choose to act as my personal account rather than the page.

But that seems to no longer be the case.

Facebook has made some changes to the pages system that makes using the pages a little bit more complicated.

Or in other words, less seamless to populate with information.

Here's what I now am aware of after tooling around on Facebook:

As you cruise FB as yourself, you can find a page you might want to leave a comment on.  In the comment line, you have the option to choose one of your pages to comment as, or like as.  But choosing your page here will not allow you to share this discovered post to your page.

Facebook Changes Pages Management - May 2014

If you want to share a found post to your own page, you have to move your mouse up to the Upper Right corner of your blue control bar.  There's a small 'down arrow' looking button you can click on to choose to now act as your own page.

Then you can share your found post to your page.


HEADSWEATS, I Am Done With Your Visor Products

My terrible experience with Velocity Visors from HEADSWEATS

I'm not sure about you, but lately trying to find a decent visor made by the headsweats brand is becoming a thing of the past.  At least for me.

Some years ago I had purchased an adjustable band headsweats visor and it's been awesome.  But as the years roll on, I know that sooner or later, I'll need to buy a replacement for it.  So I started to prepare.

About a year ago I purchased a Velocity Visor from Headsweats with an adjustable headband, but it was terrible.  The front of the visor that in most other visors presses against the front of your head, (the cloth band over the visor bill itself.) was standing straight up.  No contouring what-so-ever. My fashion sense was destroyed! And since the cloth material was standing straight up, the effectiveness of the product to absorb sweat was pretty much nullified.

I then tried a visor with an elastic band.  But (for me), again, this product failed miserably.

It turned out that the elastic band would stretch out pretty fast, making the visor useless within a few months (at most) of purchase.  That's bull(whoops!).

Recently I thought, "Hey, maybe that one Velocity Visor was a fluke.  Let's try another one."  So stupidly, I did.  (Can you tell where this last test went?)

Again, the cloth material that should sit on my forehead, stood straight up, leaving my scalp to freely sweat down onto the band part of the hat, which in and of itself, failed me.

Between the velocity visor not fitting properly and their regular visor bands stretching out too quickly, I can't see myself snagging another visor from this company that has already milked my wallet of nearly $40 of failed product.

Yes, the sweatbands are still viable, but with this latest consumer experience, I'm done and looking elsewhere to send my money because the Headsweats brand has lost my faith.  But that's just me.

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