Friday, August 28, 2015

The Hilarious And Sad Aspects Of The Ashley Madison Breach

If you did not know, the Ashley Madison customer database was broken into a while back. Then threats came from the cyber intruders saying they need to shut down their service or they will expose all of their clients. Some folks were publicly pissed that this was going to happen, which kind of outed them. Others were funny about it, saying, hey, I didn't know my spouse was on here with me too! And some felt it was a violation of their trust. SERIOUSLY? Think that one through.

In case you don't know, Ashley Madison (AM) is a website where cheating spouses can go and make hookups with other people. In other words it's a cheaters site. Or at least they want you to think that they are a popular/successful cheaters site.

And according to estimates they had almost 40 million accounts of data.

But now that the perpetrators released their goods, unleashing the database on the world for all to see who the cheating people are in the world, it turns out that the only good way to cheat is the old fashion way, what ever that is. But it is not via Ashley Madison.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Programming Your DISH Universal Remote For Your TV

Programming Your DISH Universal Remote

I was given a TV from a family member but it did not come with a remote. But I knew that my DISH remote can figure it out, once you put the right universal remote code in.

I went online and found the directions for setting my code.  They went as follows:

1. Press and hold the TV Mode button until all four mode buttons flash, let go. The TV mode button will continue to flash.

2. Enter one of these 3 digit codes:

(I tried about 80 different codes)

3. Press # (pound)

4. Press the power button to see if it will turn off your TV. If not, go through again and try the next number.

WHAT a waste of time!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Facebook: What Happened To My 'Recent Activity' Screen Section?

What Happened To My Facebook 'Recent Activity' Section?

Basically put, I started wondering Where My Facebook Recent Activity Section went to? It was there and now it is gone. But to be more accurate, it and some of its functionality was moved around on you but it is still there. And now we need to find how to get back to it or edit things in it again.

It's like when you put a log in the fire. The wood is still around. But instead of wood, it is now smoke in the air! (How's that for a Facebook option analogy?)


So the other day (like, months ago) I had modified a setting in my Facebook account that now BLOCKS updates that show when I like something new. Which is really nice because when a guy likes something like "Hooters" on Facebook, he can find himself at the center of attention and mocking and what not from the moral majority or women who are friends of his wife and what not.

Plus, if you have competitors who happen to be your friends, well, it's a good tactical advantage to be able to block specific news sources or such that you may end up liking on Facebook.

So this Facebook post addresses two issues.

WTF (W = Where) did my Facebook "Recent Activity" section go to?


How Can I block What I like from my Facebook Feed?

- - -

Initially I had made a settings change under my 'Recent Activity' menu that blocked the updates that reported when I liked a page. That menu used to reside on the left side of my profile screen.

To be honest I am not sure why I did it, except to maybe experiment with the setting. Well, it does work.