Bruce's January 2008 Newsletter

A Cool Adjustable Mini Tri-Pod

Wanna Be a Ghost Hunter?

You, Driving and The Road

Happy Holidays

Bubble Gum in Hair -

Curious Tidbit on Koi

Shawshank Redemption - The Real Thing!

Sniffle Busting Personality

Identity Theft and You

Vegetarian Recipe Websites

FOOD Warnings for Your Dog

Aye Matey, Raise the Sails!!

Calling God as a Witness, Hello, God?

Celebrity Puppy Mills in Bel Air

Restrictive Use for Foothills Park in Palo Alto, CA

Gerald Ford - A Quote for 121007

Best Meteor Shower of the Year Coming UP

Women Drivers are Safer Drivers?

A Quote for a Thursday - 120607

A Comment on Teen Birth Rate Increases

Here we go with the How Fast Is Santa Thing

Interesting Link to Ponder

Technorati Website

Bruce's December 2007 Newsletter Collection!

Yeti Footprints Discovered for Television Show

An Argument in Pet Images

Boise Idaho Animal Shelters are Full

Quote for the day - 112707

Interesting Weather Trivia

Stupid People, Stupid Deeds - Shooting a Tied up Dog

A Diabetes Tidbit

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

An Amazing Truth that Hits Home - A Quote 2 Ponder

First Bigfoot, Now UFO's in the News

Quote for Saturday - 111007

Totally Cool.. Where's the Space Shuttle Now?

A Comet Explodes

A Quote for Today

How does your Website Get Traffic?

Earthquakes and Cell Phones

Bigfoot IN the News - New Photos out There

It Sickens me to Read about People who Leave their Children in Hot Cars

First, We Find the Oldest Living Creature on Earth...

The Giant Plastic Trash Pile in the Ocean

A 9 year old and Apple's Lawyers

Remember the Guy that Prematurely Torched the Burning Man?

Bruce's November 2008 Newsletter

Daylight Saving Time

A Bone Head Humor Moment

Today's Quote 102507

Southern California Fires

Our Environment - A Thought

A Quote for Thursday 101807

Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore

A Quote for October 16

Coke versus Pepsi - Who wins out?

Saving a Dog - Check it out

Skin Cancer Awareness

So How Big is NASCAR?

A Quote by Bruce

A Thing About a Pumpkin or Two

Bruce's October 2007 Newsletter