Friday, October 2, 2015

PEEPLE Isn't A Bad Idea, But It Will Have Horrible Implications

What do you think of this new PEEPLE review app?

This PEEPLE app is getting a lot of attention even though it is not due out for another month. Folks are freaking out that it's bad enough how you get treated in real life, but to suddenly find yourself reduced to a mere five-star scale entity seems heartless.

But hey, either the creators are heartless or think they have a great idea. Though I'm not sure how being rated by an app can outdo a resume and great references.

But here is what I see, will be the flaws of this priceless app:


For one, any website that has a rating system will always be plagued by shills and trolls who have nothing better to do with their sorry-ass lives than bash and down-vote things on the slightest whim.

I've seen websites kill their rating systems just because of that. One website I used to visit even had vanity-laced admins who would down-vote your posts if you came anywhere near close to criticizing them or their own posts.

So ratings are at the whim of the users moods.



Speaking of "ratings at the whim," how do you think this will go for people when they are part of a group that has its distinct clicks. And if one click has a powerful influence, how these reviews or ratings will go?